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Space. Privacy. Flexibility. All major plus-points of a villa holiday. Now imagine all of those benefits coming with fantastic restaurants, bars and spas right on the doorstep. Welcome to the world of Akhyana Village. Akhyana Village nestled among the Jimbaran hills with a front row view of Garuda Wisnu Kencana. The property is available to be access from GWK complex entrance, all the way through a small lane and up to the hill. Akhyana Village offers tranquility over luxurious space which designed carefully and precision for experiences await.

At Glance

Maximum Guest

50 seated and 100 standing

Minimum Stay

For period until 31 March 2023
A minimum stay of 3 nights applies if a Friday and/or Saturday night is included.

A minimum stay of 2 nights is normally required if the event falls between Sunday to Thursday nights (inclusive), however one-night events are permitted between Sunday and Thursday nights Under the following conditions:

  • The event is adjacent to an existing booking
  • Decorations can be set up and disassembled within the time available
  • Villa Akhyana Village’ house catering is used

For the period 1st April 2023 – 31 March 2024
The minimum stay requirement per season applies. Low season 3 nights, High season 5 nights and Peak Season a 7 nights.

Venue Hire Fees

A. Price for max 30 pax guest

Rp. 5,000,000 (low season)
Rp. 7,500,000 (high season)
Rp. 15,000,000 (Peak season)

B. Price for 31-50 pax guest

Rp. 7,500,000 (low season)
Rp. 10,000,000 (high season)
Rp. 20,000,000 (Peak season)

C. Price for 51-100 pax guest

Rp. 11,500,000 (low season)
Rp. 15,000,000 (high season)
Rp. 25,000,000 (Peak season)
Using Public Pool area and restaurant

Local Community (Banjar) Fee *

  • IDR 2,500,000/function for max 30 guest
  • IDR 4,000,000/function for more than 30 guest
*) Banjar is the local village council whose approval is required to perform every event.

Security Deposit

IDR 5,000,000 for max 30 guest and IDR 10,000,000 for more than 30 guest.

Refundable within 3-5 days after guest check-out and if no damage is caused to the property


Maximum 12night (Music up to 10pm, Activities up to 11pm, 12 clears out)

Area of Property

Including Restaurant, Lobby, Villas, Public Pool + Rooftop 2200 m2
Available for function are Rooftop, Public Pool and Restaurant


Guests must prearrange their own transport as there will be no access to taxis or public transportation

Fireworks Permit

Based on request and upon approval.

Use of Kitchen

IDR 2,500,000
(Included in the catering price if Akhyana Village is the catering the event)

Pool Deck

For large events of between 100-150 guests, the public pool decks can be rented with additional cost.

Villa Rates

See villa website


Bali’s wet season can affect conditions from October to March and Event Organizers (EO) and guests are advised to plan accordingly for events.

Event Space

For large events of between 100-150 guests, it is recommended that the villa pool decks are rented to provide additional space. However, we strongly suggest that EOs inspect this area prior to finalizing arrangements to calculate the number of guests that can be accommodated.

Catering Service

Villa Akhyana Village Catering (Akhyana Kitchen) offers a high quality and competitively priced catering and bar service, and there is no charge for use of Akhyana Kitchen catering services. The service is prepared in the villa’s well equipped commercial kitchen. There is a variety of food and beverage packages available, such as Balinese Buffet, Western Buffet, BBQ, and more, which may even be mixed and matched upon request. We also have bartenders who can create signature cocktails served from our stylish bar.

Guests who prefer to use an outside food caterer are free to do so, subject to payment of a service fee of IDR 2,500,000 to Villa Akhyana Village.

Guests who prefer to serve their own drinks from our bar are required to pay a service fee of IDR 2,000,000 to Villa Akhyana Village. Bar staff, glasses and ice are included.

Kitchen & Bar

  • Villa Akhyana Village has a large commercial kitchen which can be used by outside caterers (after payment of the outside catering charge Rp. 1,000,000) for plating, but not for cooking.
  • Outside caterers who wish to use our commercial kitchen to cook food are required to pay a service fee of IDR 2,500,000.
  • Villa Akhyana Village allows guests to supply their own alcohol will be apply the corkage charge Rp. 50,000/bottle (alcohol, wine & spirits) and Rp. 5,000/bottle (soft drink & non-alcohol). If a guest chooses our drinks package (competitive price), we will provide bar staff, ice, garnish, and mixers, and make alcoholic cocktails of the guest’s choice with No corkage charge.

Power Cabling

Villa Akhyana Village has backup generator only cover the property, not for additional wires and installation supports the event. We would ask guests and their EOs to respect the following guidelines.

  • Cables should not be dug into lawns
  • Cables should follow edges of concrete/ grass where possible
  • Cable traps should be laid in high traffic areas or where cables may pose a safety risk to guests
  • Electric lanterns are permitted to be hung from trees using existing nails only
  • Heavy lighting must be attached by metal brace and not by hooks and nails
  • All candles should have candle bases to prevent wax spillage

Guest Bathrooms

There are 3 areas of public toilet available at Akhyana : First at Lobby : 2 (ladies and gentlemen), 2nd at Restaurant 2 (ladies and gentlemen), Rooftop 1 toilet + 1 shower room. It is the responsibility of the EO to ensure the cleanliness of the bathrooms during events.

Other Structure

Some events require structures to be built at the villa. These structures can cause considerable long term damage, especially to lawns and swimming pools. To minimize the risks of damage the following guidelines should be respected:

  •  Structures such as marquees, service bars, pool platforms, dance floors and DJ booths need to be included on the Site Plan for approval
  • Marquees should be freestanding where possible
  • Staging and platforms should have drop sheets put down before painting

Additional Rooms

In addition to the 13 units villa in Akhyana Village, we can offer 1 space for the EO or vendors locker with bathroom. Please inquire for further details.


The parking area is using Akhyana Village parking space plus adjacent empty land organize by Banjar.
Free Parking space available up to 10 cars, more than that it will additional charge.